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Can Dogs Use Pee Pads Forever? | A Guide for Older Dogs

can dogs use pee pads forever

Similar to diapers for babies, dog pee pads serve as moisture-absorbing solutions to assist dogs in managing their bathroom needs. But can dogs use pee pads forever, especially as they age? In fact, these pads offer significant advantages for older dogs who may not always be able to wait for outdoor relief or for dogs dealing with incontinence due to health concerns. These pads are also helpful when your dog is too young to signal their need to go outside, helping maintain a clean home environment.

However, people often think that pee pads are only designed for puppies. In this article, we will discuss why using pee pads is important and focus on how pet owners can train their elderly dogs to use these pads.

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Why Should You Use Pee Pads for Your Dog?

Dog pads offer a convenient and hygienic solution for pet parents, particularly those residing in apartments or traveling with their pets. They eliminate the need for frequent outdoor potty breaks, making them ideal for various situations:

  1. Cleanliness: Keeping your home clean is a top priority for pet owners, and pee pads help maintain a tidy living space.
  2. Limited Space: In situations where outdoor access is limited, pee pads provide a suitable alternative.
  3. Busy Lifestyles: A hectic schedule can make it challenging to tend to your dog’s needs throughout the day.
  4. Health Concerns: Older dogs or those with health issues may struggle to control their bladder for extended periods.
  5. Travel: Pee pads are invaluable during travel, preventing frequent stops for your dog’s bathroom breaks.

These are also crucial if your dog is ill, recovering from surgery, or wounded and must spend practically the whole day indoors. Inside your home, you wouldn’t want to cause a mess.

Are Pee Pads appropriate for Older Dogs?

Many pet owners think that pee pads are used for puppies at their earlier age, while these can also be a great way to help your older dog’s uncontrollable pee or poo times.

Several unavoidable factors support the use of pee pads for older dogs: 

You Live in a High-Rise Apartment

Living in a high-rise apartment can make it more difficult to regularly walk your dog, especially if it is older and suffering from arthritis. Moving to a new, unfamiliar area can also cause your senior dog to be unsure of where to relieve himself.

You Have Limited Mobility 

Having pee pads around the house can be very helpful for pet owners who have difficulty getting their dogs outside regularly because they might not be in a healthy condition.

Your Dog is Tough to Walk

Some dogs may not enjoy walks because they are particularly nervous or unruly. In that case, taking your dog out to potty as often as you’d like may be challenging.

Effective Training Tips for your Senior Dog

To effectively introduce pee pads to your older dog, it’s essential to approach the training process with patience and a positive mindset. Here are some more detailed breakdown of how to achieve this:

Positive Reinforcement 

Your dog will learn faster if they feel appreciated. They will feel they are doing a good job. So, reward them with treats and belly rubs whenever your dog performs a desired behavior.

Do not Punish 

Your dog will not purposely cause an accident. Never yell at or hit your dog for using the restroom in an inappropriate place because it will take time for them to learn a new toilet training routine.

Be Kind and Patient 

You cannot rush this process; it requires time and patience when establishing a new routine for your dog, and your dog will only respond to kindness and a gentle manner. Raised voices and harshness will likely make your dog aggressive and violent.

Repeat Training Every Day for at least 3 Weeks

Your dog will learn this is a new part of their potty routine if you repeat pee pad training every three weeks. When used in a learning environment, dogs respond very well to repetition, just like humans do. By continuing this, your senior dog will soon be peeing perfectly in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might still be questions and inquiries from our beloved pet owners. People who adopt a puppy from birth could still be confused about things like, what to feed their dogs at different life stages, how to successfully care for their dog’s health, can dogs use pee pads forever, whether they can play outside with other dogs, and so on. 

Q:1 How can I train an older dog using Pee Pads?

A: Getting an old dog to learn new tricks can be pretty challenging, but with love and proper guidance, you can successfully implement a new bathroom routine for your older dog.

Here are some activities you can consider to help your older dog become familiar with using pee pads:

Put the pee pads in the right place

The most crucial thing for older dogs or dogs with reduced mobility is accessibility. Dogs prefer not to use the restroom near where they eat and sleep, so it’s crucial to pick a location that is sufficiently far and easily accessible.

Keep them confined in the beginning

Try to confine your dog in a single room while they learn to use their pad. Place the pee pads around the house once they’ve gotten used to it, and your dog should know what to do with them.

Teach your dog a verbal cue

Verbal cues can be beneficial when teaching an elderly dog new tricks. Take him to the pad regularly whenever he needs to pee or poo, in the morning or evening, or at least 20 minutes after meals. When he starts peeing on his pad, tell him to “go pee.”

Q:2 What factors should I consider when selecting pee pads for my senior dog?

A: These are a few things you should consider before choosing a pee pad

Pad size

The pads should be large enough for your senior dog to dig into the pad comfortably and not need to fold them up or rest on their edges due to discomfort.

Enough Drainage

Get pads that allow adequate drainage so you won’t have to worry about your pup tracking in dirt.

Pad Absorbency 

An ideal pee pad should offer sufficient absorption, even if your dog runs into it while walking around.

Q:3 Can dogs use pee pads forever?

A: Absolutely, you may use pee pads for a dog throughout his lifetime. It’s certainly beneficial for dogs of all ages, including seniors, ensuring their well-being and hygiene.

Q:4 Can a dog use both pee pads and go outside?

A: This will undoubtedly be a fantastic and adaptable option for his potty training. You can teach your dog to use pee pads and go outside to relieve themselves simultaneously if you have an outdoor yard.

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We hope we could clarify the question of the day, “can dogs use pee pads forever?” However, introducing pee pads to your older dog requires patience and a positive approach. Each dog is unique, so the time it takes for them to adapt may vary.

Following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to successfully integrating pee pads into your senior dog’s daily routine. This process not only ensures a comfortable and clean environment within your home but also strengthens the bond between you and your beloved companion. To discover more about pee pads for your pet stay with metopet.com

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