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Are Earth Rated Poop Bags Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly?

Are earth rated Poop Bags Biodegradable

Are Earth Rated poop bags biodegradable and friendly to the environment? 

Dog poop bags are small containers for picking up and cleaning up your dog’s waste. But often, these are made with plastic and other unsuitable elements that harm the environment. Here in this writing, we will discuss poop bags from a particular brand named Earth Rated. 

Coming back to the topic of the day now! Let’s have an overview of the necessity of poop bags, things we should consider before starting to use them. Also, whether Earth Rated poop bags are worth buying or not!

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Importance of Poop Bags

If you have a dog at home without potty training, it’s unavoidable that your dog may pee or poo on the floor, bed, or sofa. You may also take him for outdoor walks by the road your neighbors live in, where your dog releases and your neighbors blame you for the disturbance.

At these particular moments, you require poop bags to clean the place up and leave no spot. Let’s discuss some specific point where poop bags benefits us:

Keeps the Environment Clean 

As mentioned, you can’t prevent your dog from pooping inside and outside the home. You can use poop bags to collect feces immediately and keep the environment good and clean.

Effective for Hygienic Handling

We know well that dog poop contains harmful bacteria and a variety of parasites that may cause severe sickness in people. Of course, no pet owners want to pollute the environment. So, picking up poop immediately using poop bags will help prevent the transmission of any disease. 

Prevents Bad Smelling 

Good poop bags are designed to resist the foul smell of poop. When you put the waste inside, it takes off the scent immediately. 

Prevents Water Contamination 

Dog feces are carried to streams and rivers by rainwater if not cleaned. Later, it contaminates the natural water with its bacteria. So these poop bags even help prevent our natural water from getting infected.

Choosing the Right Type of Poop Bag

Before you choose the correct type of bag to use for your dog’s waste, you should consider a few things to make cleaning efficient. 

Bag Size 

First, consider the size of your dog and the amount of waste it produces. If you have a giant dog, you should go for a poop bag that’s larger and more durable.

Materials Used 

Look for bags made of more durable but biodegradable material. This means that the bags are durable enough to complete the task without tearing or leaking, and they will naturally decompose over time.

Thickness and Strength 

You must be assured of the quality of the bag, especially whether it tears for the weight or gets leaked. Look for thick and robust bags to handle the job without any accidents.

Biodegradable or Regular

One of the crucial factors is that we all should be eco-conscious. When it’s about the environment correlating to poop bags, it means whether they degrade or are imperishable and non-compostable. If you care for the environment, you should definitely look for biodegradable bags because they break down more easily quickly in the environment. 

Scented or Unscented

Scented bags help to cover up the smell, which can be helpful on outdoor walks or if a single bag is used twice. However, some people prefer unscented bags to avoid adding more scents to the mix.

Ease of Opening

These bags should be easy to open. So, look for bags that are easy to open with one hand.


Consider how often you’ll need to restock. Some poop bags come in large rolls or packs so you won’t run out quickly.

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Earth Rated Poop Bags: Our Top Pick

Earth Rated poop bags are a great choice when it comes to choosing poop bags from several brands. They satisfy the factors we mentioned for selecting the right dog poop bags.

You may wonder if they are easy to open, come in different sizes, how much is their quantity, and most importantly, are Earth Rated poop bags biodegradable? Let’s see each of these points one by one and why we picked Earth Rated as no. 1 brand for dog poop bags:

Offers Different Sizes 

Earth Rated poop bags come in different sizes to suit your needs. These are extra-long (9” x 13”), (8” x 13”), and extra-wide (13.5” x 7”). Various sizes ensure you can choose the right bag size based on your dog’s breed and the amount of their waste.

100% Biodegradable

Earth Rated poop bags are BPI-Certified as compostable bags. For the ecologically sound pet owners who ask, “Are Earth Rated poop bags biodegradable?”

Earth Rated uses PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate), a biodegradable and compostable plastic, and vegetable starches for their bags. It can benefit you significantly if you are an eco-conscious person.

You can quickly dispose of them at your nearest municipal composting facility. If the facility does not exist in your area, you may use them as compost on non-food crops.

65% Recycled Plastic as Material 

Earth Rated announced that they use 65% post-consumer recycled plastic. The amount of recycled plastic Earth Rated uses yearly is around 5 million pounds.

It proves that by having these bags, you are not only making an efficient clean of your dog’s waste but also helping reduce the plastic waste.

Scented and Unscented Option

Offers both scented and unscented bags for different users. Some people might be scent sensitive, while others might like the lavender smell to cover up the poop smell and protect their nose.

15 Microns Thick 

Whether scented or unscented, both are tough enough for even the most giant mess. Fifteen micrometers thick, it is well resistant to secure large amounts of waste.

Multiple Quantity 

Earth Rated offers packs of 60, 120, 270, 315, and 900 bags. You can choose according to your specific need and type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, got questions about using poop bags and about the brand Earth Rated?

Q: Should I use Regular Plastic Bags Instead of Dog Poop Bags From Earth Rated or any other company?

A: We strongly discourage the use of regular plastic bags. They are not designed to clean up and efficiently dispose of dog poop.

Q: Are any Compostable or Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Available in the Market?

A: Yes! Several brands offer biodegradable poop bags that are eco-friendly and degrade the environment within a particular time.

Q: Are Earth Rated Poop Bags Biodegradable?

A: Yes! Earth Rated Poop bags are certified 100% biodegradable. It takes around 45 days to degrade.

Q: Should I Wear Hand Gloves When Using Dog Poop Bags?

A: It’s not mandatory, but wear it if you want added security and hygiene to avoid any contact with the waste.

Final Words

Finally, dog poop bags will help you enormously by keeping the environment safe and clean. Also, an efficient clean-up will make you a good neighbor. Please get in touch with us at info@metopet.com for any further information on how you can use them and to know more about Earth Rated bags.

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